‘Extreme Detail’ Workshop at Aarhus School of Architecture

Two weeks ago, just in time for Halloween, masters students from Studio M:A:D, where I teach, and Studio Digital Transformation participated in a one week workshop to design and fabricate a lantern.

Students were divided into three teams, and were introduced to generative logics with Grasshopper, iterative form finding with Kangaroo, and making with our 5-axis CNC mill.   It was an ambitious, but successful project to introduce a culture of digital making at the school.   The lanterns are currently exhibited in the school’s canteen.



More on the Exhibition at Make // “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was recently asked to participate in an exhibition at Winnipeg’s cafe/architecture gallery Make, a space curated by Jae-Sung Chon. This exhibition brought together a number of people from Winnipeg’s creative community, from bakers to composers, and (fanboy moment) Guy Maddin. Jae asked them to submit the physical copy of a book that has been influential in their practice. The physical copy keeps the trace of the reader’s conversation with the book, the turned over pages, the marginalia, the underlined or circled passages. The trace of this conversation is then visible to the public as they interact with the artifact.

Jae knows I’m a voracious reader, and I was in town for the exhibition, so he asked me to participate. So which book did I choose?

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Exhibition at Make

Jae-Sung Chon at Make (Facebook), Winnipeg’s hybrid cafe & design gallery,  has asked me to participate in their new exhibition, MAKE: 014_READ.  This exhibition shows books chosen by select individuals from Winnipeg’s creative communities, and has these copies, along with any marginalia, available to the public along with some notes from each exhibitor.  The exhibition opens on March 13, 2014 at Make,

I’ll post more info soon.  and perhaps some thoughts about why I chose the book I did.